Adrian Osmond | PLASTICINE
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Plasticine is a brutal odyssey through the urban chaos of present-day Russia. 

Teenage outcast Maksim lives with his grandmother in a shabby apartment. His only retreat is into a private universe that he moulds from plasticine, and out of which springs an act of reckless courage.


Director Adrian Osmond

Designer Becky Minto

Composer Shona Mackay

Lighting Designer George Thomson

Sound Designer Puleng Mabuya

Stage Manager Laura Walshe

DSM Kieron Johnson

ASM Chris Gowling

Production LX Barry McDonald

Production LX Stephen Spence

LX Operator Ian Jolly

Sound Operator Ross Oliver

Spira Daniel Boyd

Grandmother Zoe Demetriou

Lyokha Gary French

Tanya Lucy Goldie

Neighbour Seth Lieber

Sedoy Adam McNamara

Woman Lynsey-Anne Moffat

Cadet Daniel Sawka

Ludmilla Sharita Scott

Natasha Hayley Sinclair

Maksim Leon Vickers


Sigarev writes in a way that is defiantly cinematic – short scenes are coupled with stage directions that are impossible to achieve onstage, particularly in a studio theatre (a crane lowering a coffin from a high rise into a van; a detailed journey through a four-storey block of flats).

We used the space in a free-form way that blurred the line between actor and audience, with characters stepping over spectators, and with fights that threatened to spill into the seats.  As the audience entered, they had to duck their heads to walk underneath a pair of swinging legs.  From the outset, it was essential to plunge the audience in a brutal, menacing world – one in which they themselves felt threatened. 

The one moment of respite was a wordless sequence, in which the cast created a cityscape of plasticine people while Maksim watched from a rooftop.  Fittingly, the audience trod on many of these figures on their way out.