Adrian Osmond | LUCKY LADY
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Sure Shots is an initiative by SweetScar to bring audiences the best of new theatre writing, in bite-sized form and for free.  Sure Shots presents bursts of high-quality theatre that aim for lasting impact.

SweetScar has created eight Sure Shots, all of which have been UK stage premieres.  They have explored self-help, self-harm, sexual abuse, environmental issues, polar exploration, inter-species relationships, the dilemmas involved in ordering food, and the disastrous consequences of accepting a muffin.

SweetScar commissioned Catherine to write this short, sharp shock as a follow-up to her debut One Day All This Will Come to Nothing.

A young woman invites a shy older man to paint her nails in a kitchen.  But it doesn’t turn out as the man envisions; so he replays the scene until his fantasies are fulfilled.






Emerging Writer 


Adrian Osmond

Iain Macrae

Helen Mallon

Robin Mitchell

Eleanor Stewart

Natasha Jenkins


As the audience entered, “What Can I Do To Make You Love Me” and “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” played as the girl applied her make-up.

Whenever the man’s idealised fantasy splintered apart, the flickering of a fluorescent tube shifted us deeper into the man’s true desires; then he would re-create the scene, adjusting the details and the girl’s level of dependency, until he achieved absolute control.